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Race Results

Race Day
We have changed the format this year to be able to begin racing sooner.

1)     The Derby will be held at the Cuivre River Electric Co-op
Community Room on January 28th 2017

2)     We will run 2 preliminary rounds, one starting at 9:00 am, the
other starting no earlier than 9:30 am.

3)     Inspections will be held on JAN 27th from 5-7PM at Cuivre River.  Cars will then stay at Cuivre River after they are inspected.

4)     Each entry will race in exactly 1 preliminary round (6 times
down the track).  The 6 “fastest” cars will move on to the finals

    a.       The slowest heat time for each entry will be discarded

    b.      The cumulative time for the remaining 5 heats determines “fastest” cars

5)     Finals will begin at 12:00-12:30 pm

6)     Scouts should be present during their preliminary round.  If
the scout is NOT present and their car experiences mechanical failure,
they will be disqualified.

7)     Scouts are REQUIRED at finals to receive an award.

8)     This is a family event so bring the grandparents, uncles,
cousins, and anyone else who might enjoy the race.

9)     Please note this year we will be allowing the use of district
rules for car specifications so that scouts may use the same car if
they choose to participate in the District race.

    a.       For our pack race scouts will not be required to use the
    slots for their wheels/ axles (Split slots has historically been
    problematic) however this is a requirement for the District race.

    b.    All 4 wheels must be installed in their normal locations BUT
    only 3 need touch the track at any one time.  This is a clear
    advantage on consistent metal tracks like districts, but it may
    backfire on our less consistent wooden track.

    c.     Only 1 entry per scout (you may enter additional cars for
    exhibition purposes)

    d.    There is no fee to race

10)  Please see the rules regarding car specifications in the
following link:  2017 Boone Trails District Pinewood Derby Rules: 2017 Boone Trails District Pinewood Derby Rules 
"Be Fast... or Look Good Trying"

The pinewood derby is one of the most popular and successful family activities in Cub Scouting. Pinewood derby cars are small wooden models that Cub Scouts make with help from their families.  They race the cars in competition against the rest of the pack. The cars are powered by gravity and run down a track. Every scout can design and build his own "grand prix" car to enter in the race.


Race Day Highlights

There will be two divisions...  

1) The Scout Derby - The Scout Derby is opened to all registered Cub Scouts from Pack 972. All others will be entered into the Exhibition Derby.

2)Exhibition Derby - Scout brothers and sisters through fifth grade can enter their own cars. You might mention that Scouts and others are encouraged to bring along a previous year's car for the exhibition race. 

Prizes and Recognition

The Derby is about doing one's best and having fun, so all child participants will be recognized.  But that doesn't mean our race winners won't take home some shiny hardware.  Especially the leaders who battle and fudge and manipulate their way to the oh so awesome victory lane for that oh so elusive glass of milk.

There are 18 speed trophies (3 for the pack, and 3 per den), 8 specialty trophies, and medals for all other Scouts.  Also, we only have honorary, traveling trophies (ie you get to hold it for a picture then give it back!) for non Scout participants.  Last, the district wide derby is open to any Scout in the Boone Trails district and doesn't require qualifying.

Derby Workshops

There will be several opportunities to mold and shape the block of pinewood into a mean lean well-decorated racing machine.  Dates for workshops have been added to the pack calendar and to the Workshop page of this website.  The boys are not permitted to use power tools but they are encouraged to design the shape of their cars, sand them, and decorate them accordingly.  Parents are encouraged to assist the child but they should let the child do most of the work.

Equal Ground

All entries in the derby will start with the "Official Grand Prix Pinewood Derby Kit" which includes the body, 4 axles, and 4 wheels.  All nine pieces MUST be used before the car can race. The scouts received their car kit from the pack as their gift at the Christmas party.  If they were not able to attend the party their den leader has their car kit.  The kits are also sold at the local Scout Shop or online.  Parents and siblings must supply their own car kit.  Cars may not exceed 5 ounces in weight and must conform to certain size restrictions and specifications.  Decorating the cars are up to the imagination of the boys.  The complete set of rules will be available at the Derby Workshops. Please don't worry about the small print specifically worded to exclude the leaders from some or all of the rules.
Printable Rules
The Rules are posted on the right side of this page.

Pack Leaders,
Feb 1, 2016, 11:49 AM
Pack Leaders,
Feb 1, 2016, 11:49 AM